A Trendy Retailer May Have Run Its Race, But There’s Still Road Ahead


What happens when a small, but influential, retailer unexpectedly closes all of its stores? What’s the impact on suppliers? What does its closure say about the trends it embraced? The hosts share their thoughts on Boisson’s surprising shutdown. They also test out an innovative countertop machine that produces on-demand plant-based milk and highlight a motley crew of RTD beverages (including a tomato-flavored tea and pistachio milk latte) as well as an upstart brand of samosa inspired by Caribbean flavors.

In this Episode

0:35: Ray Burgundy. We Had An Inkling. Nu & Tasty. Pure Peruvian. Whiskey And Chicken. Churn, Baby. – The opening script is a bit off, but Ray makes an adjustment. The hosts reflect on their 2023 predictions about the future of dry bottle shops and discuss the news about Boisson “restructuring,” before Mike whipped up oak milk lattes with the press of a button. They also chat about a secret ginger deal caught on video and what keytars have to do with a buzzy lifestyle trend and indulge in a few treats that John and Doorsa founder Kartik Das provided for the recording.

Also Mentioned

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