It’s A Gen Z(ero) World. But, You Don’t Need Millions To Get Their Attention.

+ Laura Merritt, Diageo Beer Company


As expected, commerce reigned at the annual Coachella music festival, but which food and beverage companies stood out? We have a report. This episode also features conversation with Laura Merritt, the CMO of Diageo Beer Company, who discusses how Guinness’ non-alcoholic Zero variety is helping the brand cultivate a new generation of consumers.

In this Episode

0:35: A Sordid Past. Cat’s Milk. The Bramins. Jacqui’s Spirits. Robin’s Egg Blue. TB12 In 0.5 Sec. – Jacqui chats about personal pub culture before diving into her trip to Coachella and interactions with a handful of brands, including one that slyly promised “a good time.” The hosts briefly discuss Momofuku’s decision to abandon its trademark battle and the proper way to say “pecan,” two products that highlight a new era for cocktail culture, a game-changing package for condiments and, perhaps, the most beautiful color in the world.
32:36: Interview: Laura Merritt, CMO, Diageo Beer Company – Laura is the marketing lead for Guinness, the iconic brand best known for its draught Irish stout beer. We met with Laura at Expo West 2024, where Guinness was highlighting its Zero variety, a non-alcoholic beer brewed to approximate the classic taste, mouthfeel and color of the original liquid. In our interview, Laura spoke the reason Diageo brought Guinness to Expo West, why she compares the rise in consumer demand for non-alcoholic beer to that of a popular food trend, how its Zero variety gives the brand optionality and how the company is attempting to cultivate a new generation of Guinness consumers. Guinness’ innovation strategy and how modern trends fit into its approach.

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