It's Not Just You. Everything Looks The Same. Is That A Bad Thing?


Call it the millennial/Gen Z effect. A retro aesthetic is the defining characteristic of modern package design as new brands incorporate the vibe and culture of decades past into product labels. But has the trend made it more challenging for emerging brands to stand out?

In this Episode

0:35: Surfing With Turtles. Zen & Coffee. Exceptional Bounce. Broadway Hell. RoWater. — Mike recalls a reptilian adventure from his vacation, John notes Mexico’s war on sugar and his subsistence on ceviche, Ray’s pre-podcast meal is bereft of functional benefits and Jacqui reads from Urban Dictionary before a whiskey sampling of the rarest variety. With BevNET Live right around the corner, the hosts urge listeners to take advantage of an early registration discount, Jacqui talks about tickets for a hot theater show, Mike marvels at MISE and wonders about whether a famous “Shark” has a new water brand. The hosts rib Ray for his love of laserdiscs and collectively discuss virtues and challenges of modern package design. 

Also Mentioned

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