Taste Radio Episode 621

It’s Time To Get Beyond Plant-Based Battles. Bala To The Rescue.

+ Dr. Farnoush Fadavi, Bala Enzyme


Jacqui’s recap of the recently held Vegan Women’s Summit spurs a conversation about consumer perception of – and some resentment about –  plant-based food and meat alternatives, in particular. The hosts also highlight a new high-test coffee brand that’s backed by a high-profile investor, note a new and valuable benefit for Insiders and sample prebiotic sodas, BFY cookies and a show-stopping non-alcoholic red wine.

This episode also features a conversation with Dr. Farnoush Fadavi is the co-founder of Bala Enzyme, a brand of plant-based drink mixes formulated with a proprietary blend of turmeric, bromelain, and papain that contain no sugar. When taken regularly, the products are said to help regulate the body’s inflammatory response and improve circulation to accelerate recovery and natural healing. 

In this Episode

0:43: Almost T-Boned. The Grimace Burger. Sporty Samples. Wine Keys. Uncouth Swine! – Mike recalls a moment in time when Jon Landis may have saved four lives; Jacqui gives a rundown of a recent vegan-centric event that emphasized inclusivity and the hosts discuss Beyond Meat’s less-than-rosy outlook and Actual Veggies’ newly announced funding round. They also sample and chat about Throne Sport Coffee, a new brand whose primary investor is NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes; how to access useful data at a nominal cost; why they’re gaga about a certain saint; and how Craven cringes every time Ray pours anything into a cup.
29:47: Interview: Dr. Farnoush Fadavi, Co-Founder, Bala EnzymeBala launched in 2019 and has since picked up distribution in over 2,000 retail locations, including nationwide at Sprouts and is also sold DTC via its website and on Amazon. In this interview, Dr. Farnoush talks about how a confluence of her education, career as a dental surgeon and an unfortunate accident spurred the creation of Bala, why the company is emphasizing brick-and-mortar retail as much as e-commerce, its package size and pricing strategy and the key terms that help drive trial.

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