Maybe Momofuku Doesn’t Deserve This Heat. Then Again…


Momofuku built its reputation as a company that was always willing to stir the pot. It may, however, regret stirring this one. 

David Chang’s restaurant and consumer brand empire is under fire for sending cease-and-desist letters to brands using its trademarked term “chili crunch,” a move that has elicited rage among some in the food industry who feel that Momofuku is unfairly targeting small, women-owned and minority-led businesses. The hosts leap into the fray with their own takes on this hot and developing story. 

They also riff on Japanese TikTok, ASMR videos of people eating, a new spirit brand that, according to the founder, may make your brain “bounce that ass,” and a bevy of new food and drinks, including a non-alcoholic negroni and a brand that has “pretzelized” your favorite snacks.

In this Episode

0:35: Soccer Talk Eclipses NCAA History. Everyone Seems Agitated, Except VIPs. Jacqui’s Finger Wink. – Four hours before his beloved Arsenal is set to take the field, Mike is glistening and hydrating. John and Jacqui wonder who in the audience follows European soccer, and the hosts share their respective opinions on Momofuku’s recent legal moves and why they may cause more problems than solutions for the company. Ray highlights the benefits of becoming a Taste Radio VIP, John shares shots of peanut butter-flavored tequila (but not his negroni) although Mike passes on one in lieu of a non-alcoholic cider. The hosts also munch on mochi, praise a modern version of Dunkaroos and entrepreneur Jason Cohen’s latest opus, and wonder why Jacqui uses an appendage to move her eyelid.

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