Taste Radio Insider Episode 29

Why This Two-Second Business Pitch Is So Powerful

+ Chris Hollod, Hollod Holdings


As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When evaluating investment opportunities, Chris Hollod, a venture capitalist focused on early-stage consumer brands, takes the adage to heart.

“I tell every brand: ‘I judge you within the first two seconds of looking at your Instagram page,’” he said in an interview included in this episode. “I think it’s the most important piece of the puzzle aside from the actual packaging itself.”

That perspective has helped shape Hollod’s portfolio, which includes stakes in a number of lifestyle brands, including Matchabar, Dirty Lemon, Know Foods and Recess, among others.

Listen to our full interview with Hollod, who spoke in depth about his investment philosophy, how he identifies bleeding edge trends and categories, and what an examination of “signal to noise ratio” can reveal about a brand’s prospects.

In this Episode

1:28: Receptors, Randy’s and Roscoe’s — Early into the episode, Mike pops some CBD mints to (hopefully) address a few ailments, and the hosts discuss the difference between early-stage venture capitalists and angel investors. Later, they imbibe on some non-alcoholic beer from London (it’s pretty tasty stuff) and chat about why it makes sense for successful and sometimes wealthy entrepreneurs to seek outside capital for a new company. Last, but not least, Ray expresses his love/hate relationship with donuts.
14:14: Interview: Chris Hollod, Founder/Managing Partner, Hollod Holdings — In an interview recorded in Los Angeles, BevNET’s John Craven and Mike Schneider spoke with Hollod about his background and investment philosophy and why digital strategy is at the top of his list when evaluating brands. He also explained why he believes that his job requires him to not only to follow and facilitate innovation but to predict it.

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