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Episode 155 - :


WTRMLN WTR co-founder Jody Levy spoke about her background in art and design and how it fueled the creation of her brand. She also discussed how ignorance can be an asset as a beverage entrepreneur, why it’s important to admit what you’re not good at and what you love to do, and why she describes her career as a “journey of synchronicity.”

Taste Radio Ep. 155: How an Artist Became an Entrepreneur and Got Beyoncé on Board2019-03-26T12:16:21+00:00

Episode 154 - :

Kodiak Cakes: Joel Clark

Kodiak Cakes CEO Joel Clark will be the first to admit that entrepreneurship isn’t a part-time job. For years, he tried to run the pancake mix brand as a side business while pursuing a graduate degree and a consulting career. In this episode, Clark spoke about how commitment, innovation and swimming in the “Shark Tank” played into the evolution of Kodiak Cakes, which eclipsed $100 million in sales in 2018.

Taste Radio Ep. 154: How Does a Side Hustle Become a $100M Brand? Ask The CEO of Kodiak Cakes.2019-03-22T16:52:29+00:00

Episode 153 - :

Justin's: Justin Gold

Justin’s founder Justin Gold spoke about his decision to stay with the brand following its $286 million acquisition by Hormel Foods. Along with a discussion on how a new take on a familiar snack and a key hire were game-changers for the brand, Gold also explained his belief that making a lot of money and having a mission to change the world are not mutually exclusive.

Taste Radio Ep. 153: Making Money or Changing the World? Justin’s Founder on Why There’s No Reason You Can’t Do Both.2019-03-12T14:25:24+00:00

Episode 152 - :

Boxed: Chieh Huang

Dubbed the “Costco for millennials,” online retailer Boxed has made waves since its debut in 2013. In this episode, co-founder/CEO Chieh Huang spoke about the rapid growth of the company, how it curates its product assortment and why user experience has been central to its success. He also discussed the evolution of online food shopping and why its future “will feel like Netflix.”

Taste Radio Ep. 152: Why Boxed’s CEO Believes The Future of Online Food Shopping ‘Will Feel Like Netflix’2019-03-05T13:05:30+00:00

Episode 151 - :

Fever-Tree: Charles Gibb

Fever-Tree North America CEO Charles Gibb spoke about his work in the spirits business leading up to his current role, including a high-profile role as the President and CEO of Belvedere Vodka. He also discussed how his experience in British Army taught him about the importance of communication and humor, spoke about the evolution of the global market for spirits and mixers and why he believes that Fever-Tree can be a brand for all consumers.

Taste Radio Ep. 151: How Being ‘Globally Mobile’ Helped This CEO Become a Better Leader2019-02-26T13:01:42+00:00

Episode 150 - :

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Co: Marygrace Sexton

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Co. founder/CEO Marygrace Sexton spoke about the brand’s origins and the two rules that govern its business strategy. She also explained why she’s determined to adopt a softer leadership style and how she’s preparing her daughter to take the reins.

Taste Radio Ep. 150: The Two Rules That Helped This Juice Entrepreneur Build a $60 Million Business2019-02-19T13:15:22+00:00

Episode 149 - :

Food Should Taste Good: Pete Lescoe

+ Plant Snacks

Lescoe chronicled his journey as an entrepreneur, including how he created a foundation for success with Food Should Taste Good, discussed his perspective on risk and explained why cash will always be king. He also spoke about the eventual sale of the company, why he got back in the food business and why he doesn’t think about happiness as a goal.

Taste Radio Ep. 149: Food Should Taste Good Founder Pete Lescoe On The Three Words That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know2019-02-12T14:30:39+00:00

Episode 148 - :

La Brea Bakery/Nancy's Fancy: Nancy Silverton

One of America’s greatest chefs, Nancy Silverton spoke about her approach to cooking and food innovation. She also explained why “having a business is not a hobby,” why she’s always trying to create food that is craveable, and how she navigates the challenges of modern marketing… aka making your restaurant bathroom “Instagrammable.”

Taste Radio Ep. 148: Why Craveability is The Key to a Great Food Business, According to La Brea Founder Nancy Silverton2019-02-05T15:32:55+00:00

Episode 147 - :

Lifeway: Julie Smolyansky

Lifeway Foods CEO Julie Smolyansky, who took the reins of her family’s business at age 27, explained how she built a brand with over $100 million in annual sales. She also discussed how she deals with persistent criticism, the company’s innovation strategy and why Lifeway releases some new products as “a marketing expense.”

Taste Radio Episode 147: How This CEO Built a $100 Million Business By Facing Down Adversity and ‘Haters’2019-02-05T15:12:44+00:00

Episode 146 - :

Tofurky: Jaime Athos

Tofurky CEO Jaime Athos discussed the origins of the plant-based meat brand and how it has evolved over its nearly four decades on the market. Athos also spoke about current challenges in the plant-based meat category/market, executing and learning from a brand revamp, the reason that Tofurky has resisted acquisition offers and why he believes that plant-based ham has to taste great, but doesn’t have to taste exactly like... ham.

Taste Radio Episode 146: Why Plant-Based Ham Doesn’t Need to Taste Like Ham, According to the CEO of Tofurky2019-02-05T17:03:31+00:00