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Episode 139 - :

AriZona Beverage Co.: Don Vultaggio

+ Wesley & Spencer Vultaggio

AriZona co-founder/chairman Don Vultaggio discussed how his experience as a beer distributor paved the way for the development and stunning rise of AriZona. He also explained how the company has maintained its iconic 99 cent pricing model for 26 years, why he views AriZona as “one big incubator,” and why running a business means handling all kinds of problems, even if it means mopping up blood.

Taste Radio Ep. 139: The ‘Accident’ That Made AriZona Co-Founder Don Vultaggio a Billionaire2018-12-27T12:44:09+00:00

Episode 138 - :

Presented by Blue Pacific Flavors

Essentia: Ken Uptain

At the helm of a brand with nearly $180 million in annual retail sales, Essentia founder Ken Uptain explained why timing has been so critical to success. He also spoke about his leadership style, why all potential employees have to pass “Ken’s Good Guy Test,” and the one thing he’ll never share with his team.

Taste Radio Ep. 138: How Essentia’s Ken Uptain Went From Semi-Retired to Stunning Success2018-11-20T17:35:27+00:00

Episode 137 - :

BodyArmor: Kobe Bryant

+ Michael Fedele

NBA legend and BodyArmor investor Kobe Bryant joins Taste Radio for a discussion exploring his work with the fast-growing sports drink brand and how he’s leveraged his experience as a professional athlete to support its development.

Taste Radio Ep. 137: Kobe Bryant’s Stake In BodyArmor is Now Worth $200 Million. But He’s Not Running Any Victory Laps.2018-11-19T17:24:48+00:00

Episode 136 - :

Presented by Symrise Califormulations

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong joined us for an intriguing interview about his current career as a podcaster and investor, whose portfolio includes a stake in cold brew brand High Brew Coffee.

Taste Radio Ep. 136: Lance Armstrong’s New Job is Fueled by Coffee and Tequila2018-11-08T12:38:05+00:00

Episode 135 - :

Pressed Juicery: Hayden Slater

Hayden Slater, the co-founder and CEO of Pressed Juicery, discussed his journey from upstart entrepreneur to the leader of one of the largest juice chains in the U.S.

Taste Radio Ep. 135: How Pressed Juicery Went from Broom Closet to Booming Business2018-10-30T18:38:06+00:00

Episode 134 - :

No Passport Required: Marcus Samuelsson

+ Paul Rice, Fair Trade USA

In this episode, we’re joined by chef, restaurateur and TV personality Marcus Samuelsson who spoke about the inspiration behind his cooking and what’s shaping the next evolution of food. We also spoke with Fair Trade USA founder and CEO Paul Rice for a discussion of the aims, success and challenges of the organization, which recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary.

Taste Radio Ep. 134: Acclaimed Chef Marcus Samuelsson Believes This Ingredient Is The Key to Great Food; Fair Trade USA Hits 20 — What’s Next?2018-10-25T10:22:22+00:00

Episode 133 - :

Presented by Symrise Califormulations

BluePrint: Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss

BluePrint founders Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss discussed the brand’s origins, early wins and struggles, and how a voicemail left by former Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz factored into their decision to sell the company. They also spoke about their foray into the food space with Erzo, a brand of vitamin-infused biscuits, and why it was ultimately unsuccessful, and explained how their new podcast has provided an outlet to some unfinished business.

Taste Radio Ep. 133: The BluePrint For a Legacy of Wellness, Success and Getting a Direct Line to Howard Schultz2018-10-30T14:51:31+00:00

Episode 132 - :

Zevia/SPINS: Paddy Spence

This week we’re joined by Paddy Spence, the visionary founder of market research firm SPINS and CEO of stevia-sweetened beverage platform Zevia. Hear about the origins of his remarkable career, how marrying personal insights and passion with quantitative data has been central to the success of Zevia, why brands should focus on continuous improvement, his perspective on work-life balance, and whether a multi-billion dollar exit is imminent for Zevia.

Taste Radio Ep. 132: Zevia CEO Paddy Spence: “It’s About Being One Percent Better Each Day”2018-10-11T14:10:22+00:00

Episode 131 - :

Health Warrior: Shane Emmett

Health Warrior co-founder/CEO Shane Emmett explains how a DIY project defines the company and its success, how it has cultivated and enhanced its relationship with Amazon, and why trusting your gut over data can lead to better decisions.

Taste Radio Ep. 131: The DIY Project That Defines Health Warrior and Helped Create a Powerhouse Brand2018-10-02T17:45:25+00:00

Episode 130 - :

Good Catch Foods/MetaWear: Marci Zaroff

Marci Zaroff, who over the past three decades has helped change the way we dress, eat and live, joins the podcast this week. Hear why she’s urging companies to incorporate ethical sourcing and sustainability into their brand strategies, discussed the “perpetual yo-yo” of entrepreneurship, and shared her take on the budding business of cannabis.

Taste Radio Ep. 130: A Groundbreaking Fashion, Food & Cannabis Entrepreneur On What it Takes to Stay Ahead of the Game2018-10-01T12:27:31+00:00