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Episode 211 - :

Pat LaFrieda, Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors

We’re joined this week by Pat LaFrieda, CEO of renowned meat brand Pat LaFrieda’s, who discussed his definition for quality and how it fits into the company’s evolution, why “relationships are everything” in business, his vision for the future of the restaurant industry and his surprising opinion about plant-based meat products.

Taste Radio Ep. 211: To Build A $200M Brand, Pat LaFrieda Relied On This More Than Anything2020-04-28T12:31:17+00:00

Episode 210 - :

Annie Chun’s/gimMe Snacks: Annie Chun & Steve Broad

Annie Chun and Steve Broad, founders of Annie Chun’s and gimMe Snacks, spoke about their entrepreneurial journey from selling at farmer’s markets to building category leading brands, why operational efficiency is critical to achieve sustainable margins and the importance of “discovering new experiences for the consumer.”

Taste Radio Ep. 210: They Borrowed $10,000 And Built Two Pioneering Brands. How The Founders of Annie Chun’s & gimMe Snacks Did It.2020-04-21T12:25:06+00:00

Episode 209 - :

Jefferson's Bourbon: Trey Zoeller

Trey Zoeller, founder of pioneering whiskey brand Jefferson’s Bourbon, spoke about overcoming initial criticism of his experimental methods for aging bourbon, why he doesn’t consider himself a distiller, balancing consumer demand for diversity, consistency and predictability and why he’ll “never create a brand or an expression out of a boardroom.”

Taste Radio Ep. 209: How A Revered Entrepreneur And Innovator Proved The Naysayers Wrong2020-04-14T12:48:04+00:00

Episode 208 - :

Bantam Bagels: Nick & Elyse Oleksak

Bantam Bagels co-founders Nick & Elyse Oleksek spoke about their transition from Wall Street analysts to bagel entrepreneurs, why they’ve said “yes” to everything and why effective cold-emailing works. They also explained why investing in PR has been crucial to the brand’s success and how they assessed opportunities to scale the brand.

Taste Radio Ep. 208: The One Word That Helped Build A $34 Million Brand2020-04-07T17:21:57+00:00

Episode 207 - :

Olipop: Ben Goodwin & David Lester

David Lester and Ben Goodwin, co-founders of Olipop, explained why they believe creating a better-for-you soda brand was the “most impactful thing” they could do, how package design fuels trial, why educating consumers about the products’ health benefits is not a priority and lessons from their first experience as beverage entrepreneurs.

Taste Radio Ep. 207: How This Challenger Brand Is Beating The Giants At Their Own Game2020-03-31T14:30:08+00:00

Episode 206 - :

"Sport Science"/Kill Cliff: John Brenkus

If you’ve ever seen an episode of ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” chances are that John Brenkus is a familiar face. The Emmy Award-winning creator/host of “Sport Science,” and Chief Brand Officer of natural energy drink brand Kill Cliff, Brenkus joined us to discuss the origins of his work, his process for evaluating functional ingredients, including CBD and navigating pitfalls in consumer education.

Taste Radio Ep. 206: This ‘Sport Science’ Guru Explains What It Takes To Win On And Off The Field2020-03-24T12:53:52+00:00

Episode 205 - :

Kimbal Musk

Kimbal Musk, co-founder & chairman of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Big Green and Square Roots, spoke how his urban farming venture, a food literacy project for children and a restaurant chain focused on accessible, healthy meals are contributing to his mission of ‘real food for everyone’ and the advancement of the food system.

Taste Radio Ep. 205: Why A Future Of ‘Real Food For Everyone’ May Not Be Far Away2020-03-17T15:50:32+00:00

Episode 204 - :

Dang Foods: Vincent Kitirattragarn

We spoke with Vincent Kitirattragarn, co-founder/CEO of Dang Foods, about why he thinks the company is well-positioned to tap into one of the most overlooked and influential minority groups in the U.S. He also explained how Dang communicates its brand story across product lines, why he keeps a tight grip on innovation strategy and his relationship with investment firm Sonoma Brands.

Taste Radio Ep. 204: How Dang Foods Describes The ‘Perfect Consumer’2020-03-10T13:57:07+00:00

Episode 203 - :

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: Ben Van Leeuwen

Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder & CEO of super-premium brand Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, spoke about how why running a lean and profitable company is a core element of its business strategy, how the brand has bucked the trend toward healthy eating, promoting brand pillars through packaging and the synergistic relationship between its stores and wholesale business.

Taste Radio Ep. 203: The Reason This Indulgent Brand Gets ‘Richer’ Every Year2020-03-06T12:31:06+00:00

Episode 202 - :

Brodo: Marco Canora & Andrew Garner

We spoke with Marco Canora and Andrew Garner, the founder and CEO, respectively, of pioneering bone broth company Brodo about communicating its value proposition to consumers, how Canora attempts to use his influence as an award-winning chef as to support better-for-you brands and why he believes the steepest part of the learning curve in CPG is also its most frustrating.

Taste Radio Ep. 202: The Difference Between Good and Great Brands Often Comes Down To This2020-02-25T13:05:24+00:00