Taste Radio Episode 107

Core/Fuze/BodyArmor: Lance Collins

+ Jordan Silbert, Q Drinks


A self-described “entrepreneurial junkie,” Lance Collins — despite remarkable success in the beverage business — is itching for his next fix.

Collins, the creator of Fuze, Nos, BodyArmor and Core, is already quite wealthy, so why is he still chasing the juice (so to speak)? In an interview included in this episode of Taste Radio, Collins explained that he’s addicted to the next big idea and to see it succeed, believes that he has to run faster than anyone else.

“My whole thing is, it’s not the big eat the small, it’s the fast eat the slow,” Collins said. “And we’re really fast in our decisions, and I think we make the right ones.”

Listen to our full-length conversation with Collins in which he spoke about his amazing journey as an entrepreneur, which includes both staggering success and colossal failure (think $10 million losses), his approach to branding and innovation and why he aims to be “the pulse before the trend.”

Also included in this episode: An interview with Jordan Silbert, who is the founder and CEO of Q Drinks, a premium cocktail mixer brand that has played a key role in the growth and evolution of the category and, by extension, the carbonated beverage aisle as a whole. Silbert spoke about Q Drinks’ role ushering in a new era for cocktail mixers, why he’s careful with every dollar, and the advisors and mentors that helped shape the brand’s success.

In this Episode

1:27: Kiwis and Coffee — Food and beverage samples were aplenty this week and the hosts noshed and sipped on a few interesting products, including those from new healthy snack brands and cold brew coffee makers.
9:52: Interview: Lance Collins, Founder, Fuze/BodyArmor/Core — The hosts visited über entrepreneur Lance Collins, who’s the founder of iconic beverage brands Fuze, Nos, BodyArmor and Core, at his home in Beverly Hills, where they spoke about his incredible career, lessons learned and his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.
38:24: Interview: Jordan Silbert, Founder/CEO, Q Drinks — It’s been a decade since he launched the premium cocktail mixer brand, and while he admits that he’s not the most patient entrepreneur Silbert has played the long-game nonetheless. Hear how financial discipline, hustle and perseverance has paid dividends for Q Drinks.

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