Taste Radio Episode 108

M13: Courtney Reum

+ Wahoo's, Pique Tea


Courtney Reum wants food and beverage entrepreneurs to ask themselves one question: how can I make my company more ‘techable’?

Reum is the co-founder of M13, a brand development and investment firm focused on “accelerating businesses at the nexus of consumer products, technology, and media.” Founded in 2016, M13 has investments in many well-known brands, including Lyft, Pinterest, Blue Bottle Coffee, Pressed Juicery and Snap.

In an interview included in this episode of Taste Radio, Reum, who along with brother Carter launched M13 following the sale of their spirit brand Veev, spoke about his belief that the fundamentals for food and beverage business are evolving and, how companies can use technology to directly reach and better understand their consumers.

“We’re getting so much data where it’s easier than ever to find your tribe, to get cohort data, that almost every brand is ‘techable’ to some degree,” Reum said.

Hear much more from Reum in our interview, including lessons from the rapid development of Veev, how brands can best identify white space in a crowded consumer products marketplace and M13’s philosophy regarding  investment and incubation.

Also in this episode: A conversation with Wing Lam, the wild and winsome co-founder of Wahoo’s, the iconic Southern California-based restaurant chain which serves Mexican cuisine tinged with Brazilian and Asian flavors. Lam discussed how Wahoo’s, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year,  has maintained and nurtured the spirit of its first location as it has expanded and how the company, known for its partnerships with surfers and surf-focused brands, identifies authentic partnerships. And in the latest edition of Elevator Talk, we’re joined by Simon Cheng, the CEO and co-creator of Pique Tea, a brand of “cold brewed tea crystals” that dissolve in water.

In this Episode

2:23: From One Costa to the Another — A couple of our esteemed hosts took some much deserved time off last week. Mike was in Costa Rica while John Craven visited Santa Monica; the pair discussed notable libations and foods during their travels. Ray chatted about attending a premiere event for the HBO drama “Westworld,” and the show’s partnership with Westward Single Malt Whiskey, described as “a grain-to-glass celebration of the American pioneer spirit.”
9:18: Interview: Courtney Reum, Co-Founder, Veev/M13 — Recorded at M13 offices in Beverly Hills, Courtney Reum discussed the backstory and mission behind the investment/incubation/accelerator firm. As part of the conversation, Reum explained how M13 was created “as a company for starting companies where we use a playbook approach of repeatable behaviors… to demonstrate success across different brands and categories” and why they “really believe in the convergence of consumer brands, media and tech.” We also touch on the role of mop sandals in the office.
43:33: Interview: Wing Lam, Co-Founder, Wahoo’s — If you’ve spent any time in Southern California and hankered for a fish taco, you’ve probably been to Wahoo’s. We sat down with co-founder Wing Lam at the company’s location in Torrance, Calif and discussed how Wahoo’s which just celebrated its 30th anniversary and has over 60 locations in the U.S. and one in Japan, has grown over the years and how it’s become an institution in surfer/action sports community.
1:00:06: Elevator Talk: Simon Cheng, CEO/Co-Founder, Pique Tea — Simon Cheng is the CEO and co-creator of Pique Tea, the maker of “cold brewed tea crystals” that dissolve in water.  We caught with Simon at Expo West 2018 and connected for this edition of Elevator Talk.

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