Taste Radio Episode 110

Foodstirs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow & Greg Fleishman

+ Vice Cream, Weller


If you are going to have the occasional indulgent dessert, at least make sure it’s worth indulging on.

Greg Fleishman, a veteran CPG executive and co-founder of organic baking kit brand Foodstirs, has made that the simple guiding principle of Foodstirs, the organic baking kit brand he helped launch alongside co-founder Galit Laibow and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2014. Launched as a direct-to-consumer subscription service before expanding into retail, the brand has set out to disrupt a sleepy baking mix category with innovative products that merge high-quality, sustainable ingredients and indulgent flavors.

In an interview with the Foodstirs founders included in this episode of Taste Radio, Gellar explained that they view themselves as customers of the brand as much as owners, an outlook that’s shaped how Foodstirs considers innovation and ingredients.

“I think we’ve elevated sourcing when it comes to baking,” Gellar said. “I feel very confident in saying there is no baking mix whose ingredients cannot only be sourced as ethically [and] that tastes as delicious as ours. It’s been a personal mission for us. And when I say personal mission, I mean that literally.”

Listen to our full interview with Gellar, Laibow and Fleishman in which they discuss Foodstirs’ rapid growth, the brand’s approach to new product development and innovation, and why they see the brand as taking a new tack on fresh for center store grocery.

Also included in this episode: a conversation with Dan Schorr, the founder and CEO of provocative ice cream brand Vice Cream. As part of our discussion, Schorr explained how his personal journey as marketing executive and cancer survivor has shaped the business and marketing strategy behind the “unapologetically indulgent” Vice Cream brand, which has grown quickly in the two years since its launch and now available in more than 5,000 grocery stores across the U.S. We also review a spate of significant name leadership changes and corporate earnings reports with BevNET assistant editor Marty Caballero and chat with Matt Oscamou, the co-founder of Weller, a brand of hemp-infused coconut bites in the latest edition of Elevator Talk.

In this Episode

2:21: Bust a Move — The hosts banter about the recent office expansion at BevNET HQ, which includes a new newsroom and doors! Landis chats about his recent visit to Portland, Maine, which included a visit to probiotic beverage company Urban Farm Fermentory. The hosts also discuss the speaker lineups at BevNET Live and NOSH Live, which take place less than a month from now.
11:28: Interview: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow & Greg Fleishman, Co-Founders, Foodstirs — Speaking of our live events… if you attended or livestreamed our NOSH Live Winter 2016 conference you may recall our interview with the founders of Foodstirs, a maker of organic baking kits.  In the time since NOSH Live Winter 2016, Foodstirs has ramped up its retail presence and extended its product mix. Project NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg met up with Sarah, Galit and Greg at Natural Product Expo West 2018 where the spoke about the mission, positioning and business strategy behind the brand.
35:29: Interview: Dan Schorr, Founder/CEO, Vice Cream —  At a time when the Halo Tops of the world are swarming the freezer aisle with low-calorie and function-forward desserts, a renegade ice cream brand is trying to scoop the competition with an “unapologetically indulgent” approach. It’s called Vice Cream, and there’s a compelling backstory to the brand and founder, Dan Schorr, who visited BevNET HQ for a conversation about the origins of Vice Cream and its unorthodox approach to marketing.
59:57: In the Newsroom — BevNET assistant editor Marty Caballero joins the podcast to discuss notable leadership changes and earnings reports in the non-alcoholic beverage business.
1:03:12: Elevator Talk: Matt Oscamou, Co-Founder, Weller — Weller, a brand of sweet and savory hemp-infused coconut bites, is promoted as “a new kind of wellness.” We caught up with co-founder Matt Oscamou at Expo West 2018, where he gave us the pitch on Weller and how it’s attempting to make its mark in the snack aisle, all included in this edition of Elevator Talk.

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