Taste Radio Episode 133

BluePrint: Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss


BluePrint founders Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss admit they don’t drink as much juice as they used to.

It may seem odd that the creators of BluePrint, which pioneered the packaged cold-pressed juice category and helped mainstream juice cleansing, have cut back on their consumption of fruit and vegetable blends. However, Sakoutis and Huss point out that since the launch of their brand in 2007, there’s been a dramatic increase in the amount of information that consumers have about nutrition and healthy foods. Cold-pressed juice and cleansing, which previously embodied the concept of nutrition for many consumers, are now just part of a larger conversation about wellness.

“There are different ways to check that box now,” Sakoutis said in an interview included in this episode. “I think everyone is interested in the wellness space right now in a much larger way than they were. It was the spark of something and it was one of the few ways that people could engage. And now I think that there are simply more options, there are more ways to go about it.”

That mindset is big reason behind the launch of Sakoutis and Huss’ latest venture, Highway to Well, a podcast focused on “the business of being well.” The show features entrepreneurs who operate in the health and wellness space and explores the trends, fads and triumphs of a rapidly evolving industry.

Listen to our full-length conversation with Sakoutis and Huss, in which they shared BluePrint’s origin story, examine how the company navigated early wins and struggles, and how a voicemail left by former Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz factored into their decision to sell the company. They also reflect on learnings from their unsuccessful foray into the food space with Erzo, a brand of vitamin-infused biscuits, and explained how the podcast has provided a way to address some unfinished business. This episode is presented by Symrise Califormulations.

In this Episode

3:21: Interview: Zoë Sakoutis & Erica Huss, Founders, Blueprint — As part of a wide-ranging interview recorded in New York City, BevNET Managing Editor Ray Latif spoke with Sakoutis and Huss about the launch of BluePrint and the early days of operating as a direct-to-consumer brand (Zipcars were key), how Tribeca moms ushered the brand’s debut in Whole Foods, the decision to incorporate high-pressure processing as a safety step, and BluePrint’s influential front of the label ingredient list. They also explain why Starbucks’ acquisition of Evolution Fresh accelerated BluePrint’s eventual sale to Hain Celestial and how their next venture, vitamin-enhanced food brand Erzo, was ahead of its time and folded the company prior to a chainwide activation at Target. Finally, they delve into why they got into the podcasting world with Highway to Well and their expectations for the show.

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