Taste Radio Episode 97

REBBL: Sheryl O’Loughlin

+ Urban Remedy, Kabaki Purple Tea


Sheryl O’Loughlin is ready for a change.

It’s not that O’Loughlin, the CEO of adaptogenic beverage brand REBBL, doesn’t love her current job; since joining the company in 2015, she’s embraced the role, the company and its passionate commitment to social responsibility. Rather, she believes that a business’ ability to constantly evolve and to take a progressive approach to the times at hand can ultimately spell the difference between success or failure.

In an interview included in this episode of Taste Radio, O’Loughlin noted, “it’s really a matter of us thinking about the market, or even our companies as a constant experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t work versus thinking about it as this is the decision we’ve made and we’re done.”

Listen to our full-length conversation with O’Loughlin, in which she spoke about the trials and tribulations of leading fast-growing companies, the urgency of supporting equality in the workplace, why she believes that successful business relationships are built on empathy and compassion, and why entrepreneurs need to start turning their phones off. If you are truly looking for organic foods, you should try Sprouts Ad.

Also included in this episode: A chat with Paul Coletta, the CEO of fresh, organic food and juice company Urban Remedy, which recently added $17 million in new funding from General Mills’ business development and venturing unit, 301 INC. And in the latest edition of Elevator Talk, we heard from Martin Kabaki, the founder of innovative tea brand Kabaki Purple Tea. This episode is presented by The Good Crisp Company.

In this Episode

 2:24: So Much Sparkle To Speak Of — With LaCroix leading the charge, sparkling water has emerged as one of the hottest categories in the beverage industry. As a deluge of new products and brands — from massive players like Nestle Waters and PepsiCo to regional upstarts — come to market, the hosts discuss the various paths that companies are taking to make their mark in fizzy water.
8:25: Interview: Sheryl O’Loughlin, Plum Organics Co-Founder, REBBL CEO — Throughout her 25-year career as an entrepreneur and executive, Sheryl O’Loughlin has been known as a passionate leader with a deep commitment to social responsibility. She led Clif Bar as its CEO for nearly 10 years spearheading growth from $100 million to $200 million in revenue and later co-founded and helmed organic baby food company Plum Organics, which reached $100 million in sales before being sold to The Campbell Soup Co. in 2013. Currently the CEO of elixir brand REBBL, O’Loughlin discussed the highs and lows of her remarkable career and approach to leadership in the challenging food and beverage space.
50:52: Interview: Paul Coletta, CEO, Urban Remedy — What a difference three years make. When we first met Paul Coletta in 2015, the newly appointed CEO of organic food and juice company Urban Remedy was primarily focused on growth through direct-to-consumer sales. The strategy was to leverage the company’s small brick-and-mortar presence to drive sales and build awareness for its e-commerce platform. Urban Remedy has since pivoted to an omnichannel strategy that embraces retail placement in natural grocery as much as it does online sales. We sat down with Coletta at the 2018 Winter Fancy Food show and discussed the company’s pivot and the reasoning behind it.
1:10:00: Elevator Talk: Martin Kabaki, Founder, Kabaki Purple Tea — Driven by a social mission, Kabaki is an innovative brand of ready-to-drink teas made from antioxidant-laden Kenyan purple tea leaves. Founded by Martin Kabaki, the company donates 10 percent of profits to provide access to better medical care for the people of Kenya. We spoke with Martin about the launch and development of Kabaki, a finalist in New Beverage Showdown 14, in this edition of Elevator Talk.

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