Taste Radio Episode 206

"Sport Science"/Kill Cliff: John Brenkus


If you’ve ever seen an episode of ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” chances are that John Brenkus is a familiar face. The Emmy award-winning host and producer of “Sport Science,” a series that examines exceptional athletic performance through the lens of data and scientific research, Brenkus was recently announced as the Chief Brand Officer of natural energy drink brand Kill Cliff. According to the company, the role “will build upon the science in its products and elevate the brand among athletes and consumers.”  

In an interview included in this episode, Brenkus, who is also the author of The New York Times bestselling book “The Perfection Point,” spoke about the origins of his work and why after dozens of offers to partner with other drink brands he chose to align with Kill Cliff. He also discussed his process for evaluating functional ingredients, in particular CBD, navigating potential pitfalls in consumer education and addressing gaps in sports nutrition.

In this Episode

1:17: John Brenkus, Creator, “Sport Science” & Chief Brand Officer, Kill Cliff — Brenkus spoke with BevNET managing editor Martín Caballero about growing up in the Washington D.C. area and how he merged his passion for sports with science, leading into his foray into television and the development of his career.  He also discussed the evolution of athletic performance in amateur and professional sports, what inspired him to align with Kill Cliff and why he describes the brand as a “game changer,” how humans process natural versus artificial ingredients and his perspective on competition in the energy drink space. Later, he explained why the ideal Kill Cliff consumer is someone who can make “better decisions,” why he believes that CBD has “a really bright future” and how the company is gathering data and research about the ingredient. He also spoke about how he evaluates claims of “rapid hydration” and those associated with MCT oil and the importance of consistent sleep for everyday health.

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