Attaining Our Attention: Why These New Products And Brands Made Us Sit Up


Taste Radio hosts Ray Latif, Jacqui Brugliera and Mike Schneider highlighted several new products and innovative brands sent to the office in recent weeks, including a line of non-alcoholic cocktails billed as “the world’s first plant powered social elixirs,” thin-cut fruit chips, an avocado-based hot sauce, hydration tonics and everything (bagel) in between.

In this Episode

0:34: Easy Tee, Vegumbo, THE Competition for RTD Cocktails… And Oodles of New Products — The hosts chatted about how to get a free Taste Radio tee, Jacqui’s recent gastronomic adventures in New Orleans and why listeners should tune into BevNET’s Cocktail Showdown, which will take place on Aug. 12. Later, they riffed on several new products and brands that they’ve encountered in recent days.

Also Mentioned

Big Easy Bucha, Nitro Beverage Co., Kaylee’s Culture, Three Spirit, RIND, SESH, Bachan’s, Aya Foods, Fly By Jing, Herdez, Health-Ade, Corsa, Wet Hydration, Cedar’s, Safe & Fair