Taste Radio Episode 238

Ever Better: Denise Austin


Few faces in the fitness world are more familiar than that of Denise Austin. Known for her vibrant personality, motivational tone and sleek physique, Austin has sold over 24 million exercise videos and DVDs over the past four decades and hosted one of the longest running fitness-focused television shows. Today, she’s setting her sights on the food business with the launch of Ever Better snacks. 

Launched in 2020 in partnership with brand management firm Healthy Lifestyle Brands, the line of protein- and probiotic-infused cookie bites are positioned as healthy, indulgent snacks for women. The products are the first part of Ever Better, a platform that will eventually encompass Austin’s website, magazine and workout videos. 

As part of an interview featured in this episode, Austin spoke about her rise from college gymnast to one of the most recognized names in fitness and how she evaluates food and diet trends. She also discussed her role in the formulation and branding of Ever Better snacks, how she plans to be involved in the brand’s development and why integrity is the key factor in everything she does. 

In this Episode

0:45: Interview: Denise Austin, Founder, Ever Better — Austin sat down with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif for an expansive conversation that began with a chat about Denise’s surprising love of beer, why her daily workouts are shorter than you might expect and what her father taught her about becoming a great salesperson. She also explained why she advocates for people to eat healthy food 80% of the time, indulgent foods for the other 20% and how Ever Better fits into both categories, why the brand focused on protein and probiotics as the key functional ingredients and the key elements of its packaging. Later, Austin spoke about why her personality is the same onscreen and offscreen, , how she plans to attract women of all age groups with Ever Better and how she’s leaning on her core audience as the foundation for the brand’s consumer base.

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