There’s Nothing Like Doing This Live. Plus, ‘Lofti’ Goals And A Spirit’s Revival.


On the cusp of our Winter 2021 events, Taste Radio’s hosts discussed the speaker agendas for NOSH Live and BevNET Live, which include retail executives from Erewhon, Whole Foods, Foxtrot and Earth Fare, along with founders of several high-profile brands, such as Fly By Jing, Dreampops and Super Coffee. They also highlighted notable new brands and products, including wellness shots, vegan snacks, an innovative “shimmering sparkling water” and the largest peanut butter cup in the world.

This episode also features an interview with Dave Carpenter, who is the master blender for Redemption Whiskey. Promoted as “leading the rye revival,” Redemption markets a range of super-premium whiskies that are intended for modern drinkers to rediscover rye and the spirit’s storied history in the U.S. by way of complex, yet approachable expressions. As part of our conversation, Carpenter spoke about how Redemption has aligned its marketing and innovation strategies with the palates and lifestyles of modern consumers, why its distillation process isn’t included in the brand’s story, how its bottle shapes and package design play important roles in how customers perceive the brand and the company’s approach to finding the balance between premium and value when it comes to pricing.

In this Episode

0:47: Talkin’ Turkey, BTS At The WCB, Water, Shots and Nuts — The hosts discussed their respective Thanksgiving dinner plans and Ray’s annoyance with the holiday’s traditional centerpiece, what attendees can expect from a packed speaker lineup at NOSH Live and BevNET Live, why they’re impressed with Todd Carmichael’s foray into the water business and a “wholly” impressive line of plant-based snacks and meal.
22:16: Interview: Dave Carpenter, Master Blender, Redemption Whiskey — After a brief chat about Carpenter’s impressive mustache, he and Taste Radio editor Ray Latif spoke about what differentiates rye from other whiskies and the boom, decline and reemergence of the spirit in the U.S. Carpenter also discussed Redemption’s on- and off-premise education strategy, why a growing number of master blenders have degrees in chemical engineering and whether trends fit into the brand’s innovation planning. Later, he explained how subtleties in Redemption’s bottles are intended to speak volumes and why the brand’s flagship product is priced relatively affordably for a premium whiskey.

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