Over $60M In Funding, But Does It Pass The Smell Test? Plus, We Tell ‘Tales’ And Maxi Mentors.


In this episode, BevNET reporter Brad Avery joined Taste Radio’s regular hosts and discussed his recent article about an innovative “scent-flavored hydration system” that is making inroads in the U.S.  They also spoke about 7-Eleven’s embrace of upstart brands and shared personal takes on several new products, including grain-free donuts and spicy (if not NOSH-y) potato chips. Also in this podcast: a brief recap of annual cocktail convention Tales of The Cocktail and the latest edition of The Maxi Minutes.

In this Episode

0:48: We’re All About The Hot, Hot, Hot. Tasty Treats Also Please Us. Brad Has Accepted The Challenge. – The hosts chatted about New Orleans, the site of the 2022 Tales of The Cocktail event, beignet-flavored beverages and PepsiCo’s recent investment in a brand of refillable water bottles and scented “flavor” pods. They also discussed the ascendance of grain-free snack and bakery brand Soozy’s, the market launch of a traditional salsa and new beverage brand with a proprietary sweetener blend. Oh, and Brad committed to setting his mouth on fire.

26:45: An On The Ground Report From Tales – Ray discussed takeaways from Tales of The Cocktail, which was held from July 24-29 in New Orleans. Notably, the convention highlighted the restaurant and spirit industry’s continued focus on premium brands and ingredients, low and no ABV cocktails and ethnic spirits easing their way onto bar backs and liquor store shelves.

30:40: The Maxi Minutes, Part 5 – LDR Ventures co-founder Maxine Kozler Koven discussed effective ways for brands to achieve a high rate of sell through, tips on aligning with merchandising and demo agencies, and the value of having experienced industry professionals on your team (especially when courting investors).

Also Mentioned

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