The Most Asked Question We Hear From Founders. Jacqui Has A Hot Take.


In this episode, Taste Radio’s hosts reflected on recent networking and live podcast events at BevNET’s San Diego office and Super Coffee headquarters in Austin. They also addressed an often asked question from early-stage entrepreneurs and highlighted a few unusual products before Jacqui Brugliera took on one of the hottest of challenges.

In this Episode

0:39: So Great To See You, Even For 10 Seconds. Support With Scaling. All Hell Breaks Loose. –  Ray admits to an issue with intros before the hosts chatted about conversations and connections from last week’s meetup events. They also offered advice on scaling strategies, riffed on a marshmallow-flavored bourbon, functional spices and a new mood-centric beverage line. Later, Jacqui took on Paqui’s one-chip challenge, eliciting sweat, tears and screams… among all the hosts.

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