Big Deals, Big Impact? Plus, Hilton’s Top F&B Exec Tells All.

+ Adam Crocini, Hilton


Amid a spate of high-profile investments and acquisitions, the hosts assessed Brooklyn Brewery’s alignment with Hoplark and what it means for the emerging segment of hop-centric beverages and also discussed the timing of Smuckers’ $5.6 billion purchase of Hostess Brands. This episode also features an expansive interview with Adam Crocini, the SVP and global head for food and beverage brands at Hilton.

In this Episode

0:34: Get Some Expo-sure. Rudi’s Convenience. Bullish Or BS? Banza & Bevs. – As the team gears up for Expo East 2023, they sampled a handful of new products that will be featured at the annual event, and discussed growing consumer demand for hop-flavored alcohol-alternative beverages and a widening pool of brands and investors in the space. They also spoke about Banza’s foray into frozen waffles and what makes for a successful brand extension, before sipping on several new products, including tea-based energy drinks, “superfruit” sodas and RTD non-alcoholic cocktails.
36:29: Adam Crocini, SVP & Global Head, Food and Beverage Brands, Hilton – Since 2018, Crocini has been at the forefront of enhancing the Hilton’s food and beverage offerings across its 7,000 properties spanning 122 countries and territories. His strategy guides everything from partnerships with Michelin-starred chefs to grab-and-go pantries. Taste Radio editor Ray Latif spoke with Crocini about how Hilton has navigated a post-Covid shift in guest expectations for food and beverage, how local and artisanal brands factor into its strategy and how interest for low and no-alc beverages impact its bar menus and in-room drink options.

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