Find The Not-So-Obvious Opportunity. TÖST Did, And It’s Reaping The Rewards.

+ Brooks Addington, TÖST


By any measure, consumers are drinking less alcohol. While their reasons for abstaining vary, the occasions in which they consume beer, wine and spirits have remained consistent. The circumstances have created an opportunity for alcohol alternative brands like TÖST to innovate and find relevance among mainstream consumers. 

Launched in 2018, TÖST markets sparkling non-alcoholic beverages made with white tea, white cranberry concentrate, ginger extract and other natural flavors. The products, which are available in two varieties, original and rosé, come in 750 mL individual bottles and 4-packs of 250 mL bottles . Distinguished by its sleek and minimalist label, the brand has won over consumers seeking a sophisticated alternative for occasions when they might typically drink alcohol.

Distributed in 40 states, TÖST is carried by major retailers in a variety of channels, including Whole Foods, BevMo and CVS. Earlier this year, the venture capital arm of beverage alcohol conglomerate Constellation Brands acquired a minority stake in TÖST, praising its “delicious liquid that feels celebratory… and also versatile and approachable for everyday enjoyment.”

In this episode, TÖST CEO Brooks Addington spoke about how the brand has carved out a positioning that has resonated with all types of consumers and how its thoughtful communication strategy has given it a leg up over competing products.

In this Episode

0:43: Interview: Brooks Addington, CEO, TÖST – Addington spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif at Natural Products Expo East 2023 where they chatted about the final edition of the event, his passion for architecture and how his background in financial services and worldly experience prepared him for his current role. He also spoke about the rise in abstinence among younger consumers, the origins of TÖST and how the liquid and package were designed to meet the expectations of a sophisticated drinking experience, and why it’s critical for the brand to have an affordable price point. Later, Addington discussed TÖST’s retail and merchandising strategies, why having few competitors is “a double-edged sword,” the company’s strategic partnership with Constellation Brands and why it’s important to be frugal with marketing dollars. 

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