Magnolia Bakery Doesn’t Follow Trends. They'd Rather Set Them.

+ Bobbie Lloyd & Eddie Revis, Magnolia Bakery


Magnolia Bakery’s famous banana pudding, an indulgent mash-up of fresh bananas, vanilla wafers and vanilla pudding, is the reason that you continue to see long lines outside of the company’s flagship shop in Manhattan, which opened in 1996.

Although Magnolia wants to make the dessert more accessible, the New York-based company is limited by the capacity of its 10 U.S. retail locations and direct-to-consumer platform. To reach more customers, its leaders had to get creative. So they made cookies.

In March, Magnolia introduced its Banana Pudding Cookies, a line of soft-baked cookies made with real butter, bananas and chocolate. Available in three flavors – Classic Vanilla with White Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Chunk, and Confetti with White Chocolate Chips – the cookies are individually wrapped and sold in packs of four for $7.99 a box. They are available in retailers across the U.S., including Costco, The Fresh Market and Harris Teeter.

In this episode, Magnolia Bakery CEO Bobbie Lloyd and CMO Eddie Revis spoke about the company’s decision to create a CPG brand and the patient and thoughtful approach behind its development. As part of the conversation, discussed why consistency and quality guides their stewardship of the company, why they eschew trendy concepts and Magnolia’s collaborations with lifestyle brands.

In this Episode

0:43: Interview: Bobbie Lloyd, CEO & Eddie Revis, CMO Magnolia Bakery – Taste Radio editor Ray Latif spoke with Lloyd and Revis at the 2023 Summer Fancy Food show, where they spoke about their variety of interactions with attendees, the evolution of Magnolia Bakery over its 27 years in business and how the development of a CPG brand elicited a rebrand. They also explained why Magnolia doesn’t self-manufacture its cookies, the reason it uses artificial flavors and how the products’ target consumer  informs its retail strategy. Later, Revis explained how the company aligns demand planning and marketing resources, why “the most important thing is to deliver on the experience that the consumer wants to have,” Magnolia’s partnerships with Monos, Boy Smells, Tula Skincare and Kate Spade and the navigating consumer perception of the company as small while continuing to grow.

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