What We Often Forget About Setting Goals


Taste Radio’s hosts discussed the relative value of making resolutions and shared advice from a highly successful entrepreneur on how to set achievable goals. They also spoke about the arrival of 2023 trade shows, an effective way that early-stage brands can build awareness and riffed on a handful of new products and brand updates.

In this Episode

0:40: Bass Basics, Talking Trends… With Family, Send Us Your News – The episode kicks off with a CTA about reviews and free tees, before Jacqui revealed plans to start “slapping” a certain instrument and the hosts chatted about industry-related conversations with family and friends. Ray highlighted a past episode with Zico founder Mark Rampolla and encouraged attendees and exhibitors of the upcoming 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show to reach out and also extolled the value of BevNET’s Elevator Talk series.

Also Mentioned

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