Taste Radio Episode 633

How ‘Fancy’ Became Trendy


Why are some concepts that were once derided as too esoteric for mainstream consumers now viewed as cutting edge and trendy? The hosts discuss the topic during their recap of the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show and also highlight rooibos-based drinks, a “breakfast martini” and THC powders.

In this Episode

0:25: An Irish “Beer Factory.” One-Day Sprint. Spicy Flights. Generation-Neutral. FUQ BOI? Breakfast Martinis. BevNET Com. – Upon his return from across the pond, Craven suggests a new date for SFFS, how the trade show featured hot sauces galore and one product left Mike feeling “straight nuked.” The also talk about how booths highlighting South Asian brands attracted lots of energy and attention from attendees. Later, Craven gets “outed,” before the hosts go deep on rooibos and how subscription clubs are effective in generating consumer enthusiasm, revenue and feedback. Also, we learn that Jacqui’s mom has a new bag and how a cult favorite sweets brand got a bite-size revamp. 

Also Mentioned

Guinness, Empress Hot Sauce, Aaji’s, Peepal People, Doosra, Chutni Punch, Chai Box, Kola Goodies, S’noods, Monatea, Straightaway Cocktails, Djablo Hot Sauce, Wims, Parentheses Drinks, Lexington Bakes