Taste Radio Episode 634

What These Leaders Understand About Building Modern Brands


This special edition of the podcast highlights interviews with six founders, creators and innovators who joined us on Taste Radio during the first half of 2024. Our guests include Chamberlain Coffee founder Emma Chamberlain; Elizabeth Banks and Marian Leitner, co-owners of Archer Roose; Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert; Alix Peabody, founder of Bev; Jay Shetty, co-founder of Juni; and Super Bowl champion NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the lead investor of Throne Sport Coffee.

In this Episode

0:31: Interview: Emma Chamberlain, Founder, Chamberlain CoffeeWe kick things off with Gen Z icon and Chamberlain Coffee founder Emma Chamberlain. In this clip from an episode published on May 7, Emma spoke about why the brand’s  identity is anchored by love and modernity, and how collaborations with other brands are determined by a set of “filters.”
4:55: Interview: Elizabeth Banks & Marian Leitner, Co-Owners, Archer RooseNext up we have Elizabeth Banks & Marian Leitner, the co-owners of fast-growing canned wine brand Archer Roose. In a clip pulled from an episode featured on April 30, Elizabeth and Marian spoke about how they incorporate a sense of adventure, breaking rules and relatable humor into Archer Roose’ marketing strategy, and why entering Target meant swinging at a pitch they could hit.
8:45: Interview: Ryan Gellert, CEO, Patagonia We keep it going with Ryan Gellert, the CEO of pioneering outdoor apparel and gear company Patagonia. In this clip, from our episode published on March 26, Ryan discussed how leaders of early-stage and emerging brands can actively incorporate sustainability and environmental responsibility into their business strategies.
13:16: Interview: Alix Peabody, Founder, Bev – Next we have Alix Peabody, the founder of Bev, a stylish brand of canned wines that was acquired by E & J Gallo in June 2023. In this clip, pulled from an episode published on January 9, Alix spoke about how taking a brief respite to focus on her mental health impacted perceptions of her as a leader and Bev’s ability to land new investment and a potential return to entrepreneurship.
19:00: Interview: Jay Shetty, Co-Founder, Juni – We continue with popular wellness influencer and podcaster Jay Shetty, who is the co-founder of sparkling tea brand Juni. In this clip from an episode aired on March 5, Jay explained the criteria he uses to identify alignment with potential business partners, and how the intersection of human behavior and evolution of social media impacts consumer habits and their motivation to try new things.
26:14: Interview: Patrick Mahomes, Lead Investor, Throne Sport Coffee – Finally, we hear from NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, who is the lead investor in upstart RTD coffee brand Throne Sport Coffee. In the following clip from an episode published on May 21, Patrick spoke about how he and company founder Michael Fedele aligned on the company’s business plan and strategy and how he is highlighting his consumption habits to build an authentic relationship with consumers.

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