Taste Radio Episode 635

Is Messi’s Mas+ Is Primed For Success? And, How A Retailer’s Comeback Got Messy.


In a bursting-at-the-seams episode of Taste Radio, the hosts reflect and ruminate on Lionel Messi’s Prime-killer, “condiment couture,” Boisson-bashing and sausage salvation. They also get vitaminwater vibes from a brand’s recent revamp and highlight a handful of new beverages, including a sparkling tea and a decaf espresso martini.

In this Episode

0:25: Taste No Raydio. Fashion Meets Catsup? Wet & Mas. A Martini With No Jitters. – Ray praises the team for filling in while he was OOO before everyone weighs in on a new Heinz and Kate Spade collaboration (and share their favorite condiments) along with Johnsonville’s attempt to make the internet a more positive place. The hosts also comment on Boisson’s reboot and why the non-alcoholic beverage retailer may want to take a second swing at it, how Prime’s problems have opened the door for challenger brands, and several small format drinks all of which pack a punch.

Also Mentioned

Heinz, Johnsonville, Mas+ by Messi, White Claw, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Prime, Wet Hydration, Vitaminwater, Twrl Milk Tea, Little Saints, Ooso Tea, Fancypants, Dr Pepper, Michele’s Granola, Simpli, Madwoman Cocktails