This Simple Mantra Is At The Core Of RIND’s $25M Success Story

+ Matt Weiss, RIND Snacks


When RIND Snacks debuted in 2018, founder and CEO Matt Weiss won plaudits for creating an innovative and eye-catching brand of upcycled fruit snacks. Six years later, the New York-based entrepreneur is being lauded for transforming RIND into a vertically integrated healthy snack platform. Industry acclaim is nice, but Matt will say that his primary focus is to create lasting value for his company, shareholders and consumers.

Last month, RIND, which markets dried fruit snacks and fruit and nut mixes that are sold in retailers across the U.S., announced the acquisition of Small Batch Organics, a Vermont-based manufacturer of granola products. According to a press release about the deal, the combined companies will have a retail footprint that will include 12,000 locations and generate over $25 million in sales by the end of 2024.

RIND’s decision to acquire Small Batch Organics is rooted in Matt’s mantra: “do something to drive ever-forward progress.” It’s a statement of intent to which he frequently returned during our interview at Natural Products Expo West 2024, held in Anaheim from March 12-16, 2024. As part of our conversation, Matt explains why he wanted to develop RIND as a platform snack brand from the outset; how he attempts to maximize the value of outside capital; how the company used alt-retail channels, foodservice, and travel stores to drive cash flow; and why investing early in brand ethos and a polished product has consistently paid dividends.

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0:35: Matt Weiss, Founder & CEO, RIND Snacks — Taste Radio editor Ray Latif admires Matt’s hoodie game, the decision to acquire Small Batch Organics and why financial resources are focused on innovation, staffing and “operational excellence.” He also explains with “Kill ‘Em With Rindness” is key to the company’s sales strategy, the value of bootstrapping before raising outside capital, his belief in “the one thing that never goes out of style in business,” and how he discussed the plan to vertically integrate RIND with its investors.

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