Why Isn’t Big CPG Acquiring More Better-For-You Brands?


A recent Forbes article sparks the hosts’ passionate discussion about the role that food and beverage conglomerates should play in the health and wellness of American consumers, both now and in the future. They also opine on whether JuneShine’s acquisition of Flying Embers is good for the hard kombucha category, chat about Expo West preparation and highlight a handful of new spicy, sweet and savory snacks and libations.

In this Episode

0:35: Super Random. Unofficially Ready. A Majority Stake. What To Do About UPF. Karma, Cake. – Jacqui’s thrifty sensibilities kick things off, before the hosts talk about NOSH’s multi-part guide to Expo West and offer their two cents on a big ‘booch deal and why it makes sense. Errol Schweizer’s opinion piece about why now is the time to reinvent processed foods has Ray once again leaping onto his soap box, stirring the pot and pointing fingers, while John, Jacqui and Mike offer their own perspectives on the subject. Ray shares a new snack and dip with John, Mike gets everyone’s tongue tingling, Jacqui has a perfect snack for Coachella and a new line of “petit” and easy bake cakes gets a big thumbs up.

Also Mentioned

Oatly, Pacific Foods, Juneshine, Flying Embers, Crooked Owl, Saffron Road, Stouffer’s, Hungry Man, Annie’s, Simple Mills, Banza, Trix, Iggy’s, Ithaca Hummus, Utz, Mike’s Hot Honey, Tingly, Koko & Karma, Gateaux, C4