Taste Radio Insider Episode 24

Hey Siri, How Do You Build a Millennial Brand?

+ Benjamin Witte, Recess; Expo West's Sea of CBD


Just three and a half months since its debut, Recess, a sparkling water brand infused with CBD and adaptogens, has generated an incredible amount of buzz. Profiled in mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times, Forbes and CNBC, Recess has been dubbed the “LaCroix of CBD” and within days of its launch the products were backordered for weeks.

So what’s behind the hype? In an interview included in this episode, Recess founder/CEO Benjamin Witte spoke about the brand’s creation and how he set it up for a fast start. He also discussed the company’s long-term mission, why Recess is marketing a solution rather than an ingredient, and why he believes the best way to succeed as a beverage company is not to think like one.

In this Episode

1:36: A Sea of CBD (and Investors) at Expo West — On location in Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West 2019, the hosts discussed a significant shift in how entrepreneurs and investors interact at the annual trade show. They also spoke about new CBD products exhibited at the annual trade show and confusion about how the ingredient is promoted. They also riff on a few notable food and beverage brands featured on day one of Expo West.
21:44: Interview: Benjamin Witte, Founder/CEO, Recess —  In an interview recorded Recess’s office in New York City, Witte spoke about his relationship with CBD and how it got him into the beverage business. He also discussed why he views Recess as a “recreational wellness brand” and plans to expand with digital and physical versions. He also explained why he believes that today, “brands are built on your phone,” how Recess “designs feelings” and the lessons from the brand’ pop-up show in Manhattan.

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