Taste Radio Insider Episode 97

How This Brand Doubled Sales... While Giving Away 50% Of Its Profits

+ Dave Colina, O2


In this episode, we sat down with Dave Colina, the founder and CEO of O2, a brand of natural sports recovery drinks formulated with oxygenated water and electrolytes. Launched in 2014, O2 took a patient growth strategy during its first few years on the market. In recent months, however, O2 has generated record revenue via direct-to-consumer sales along with those at retail partners, including Kroger, Sprouts and Publix. Those sales have helped fuel the brand’s philanthropic initiative to donate 50% of profits to independent gym owners affected by COVID-19.

As part of our conversation, Colina explained how O2’s strategic decisions over the past five years have helped the company to meet the challenges and opportunities of the last five months, including how he overcame formulation issues while continuing to incubate the brand and why he was adamant in his support of gym owners despite a steep cut into the brand’s profits. He also explained why he is supremely confident in the ability of his team to plan and execute during unpredictable times and why he believes that entrepreneurship is as much about personal growth as building a successful brand.

In this Episode

0:41: We Get A Closeup On Coffee, Co-Ops And Cookie Dough — The hosts opened the episode with a note about a new mailing address for BevNET HQ — 65 Chapel St. Newton, MA 02458 — and discuss the inaugural episodes of our new Category Closeup and Product Showcase video series, which focused on ready-to-drink coffee. They also discussed notable brands they encountered over Labor Day weekend, and how brands attempt to strike a balance between healthy, tasty and approachable.
18:23: Interview: Dave Colina, Founder/CEO, O2 — Colina spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about why he left a promising career in the corporate world to become a beverage entrepreneur, why he partnered with a physician to develop the brand and how the first the first batch of O2 was made in a fish tank. He also discussed how the company’s motto of “Honesty, Humility, Hustle” has guided the team throughout prior to and during the pandemic, why he has never questioned his decision to launch O2 and why the company has been so successful in converting consumer trial into repeat purchases.

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