The Two-Word Phrase That Helps Celsius Generate Over $1 Billion Annually

+ John Fieldly, Celsius


For the leader of a company that is generating $1.5 billion in measured retail sales annually, Celsius CEO John Fieldly is remarkably frugal. He insists on flying coach and eschews expensive dinners while on the road. Thriftiness is a part of his personality, he says, but it’s also about setting an example. 

Since taking the helm in 2017, Fieldly has built Celsius into one the fastest-growing beverage companies in the world. The brand, whose positioning has evolved from a focus on dieting to that of fitness-oriented energy, has emerged as the third best-selling energy brand behind Red Bull and Monster. 

Throughout his tenure, Fieldly has consistently emphasized traditional business fundamentals and profitability, maintaining that every expense requires a valid reason. Financial discipline, he notes, is embedded in company culture and has helped get Celsius to where it is today.

In this episode, Fieldly spoke about Celsius’ progress since his last appearance on Taste Radio in 2021, why brand-building is about “figuring out where you fit in a consumer’s life,” navigating expectations and opportunities with strategic partner Pepsico and how junior-level employees influence the company’s innovation strategy.

In this Episode

0:35: Interview: John Fieldly, Chairman and CEO, Celsius – Fieldly spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about his recent presentations at investor conferences, before reflecting on Celsius’ growth over the past three years and why he continues to maintain an open-door policy amid a surge in staffing. He also explained how ambition and paranoia help maintain the brand’s momentum, why humility helps the company better understand and sell to its consumers and why Celsius’ high-profile partnership with Pepsico doesn’t mean the company is running any victory laps. Later, he discussed how the company considers innovation and the brand whose portfolio he aims to emulate.

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