Why Aura Bora Doesn’t Need A Secret To Be Successful

+ Paul Voge, Aura Bora


When we last spoke with Aura Bora co-founder and CEO Paul Voge in May 2022 his botanical-centric sparkling water brand was still a few months away from announcing a $10 million Series A funding round. At the time, Aura Bora was less than three years old. 

Investing in a young company that is competing within the crowded sparkling water category may sound risky to some. However, it was clear to Aura Bora’s backers that the brand had an uncommon ability to not only connect with new consumers, but develop them into evangelists who would sing its praises.

In this episode, Voge spoke about how Aura Bora has cultivated a loyal community by focusing on flavor, the brand’s recent collaboration with cult olive oil brand Graza, why Aura Bora discontinued its viral “Secret Menu,” how DTC success translates to brick-and-mortar sales and why his personal phone number is on every can.

In this Episode

0:43: Interview: Paul Voge, Co-Founder & CEO, Aura Bora – Voge spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif at Expo East 2023 where they chatted about Aura Bora’s new and limited-time Olive Oil Martini, why he believes that “the best marketing is sales and vice versa” and how retail buyers evaluate the brand’s online sales. He also explains why profitability is always on his mind, whether water is the appropriate descriptor for Aura Bora products, how the company attempts to deliver consistent customer service across all forms of communication and why friendship is key to the company’s relationship with Siddhi Capital. 

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