The Best Ways To Generate Buzz? Innovate, Collaborate & Breathe Fire.


Can you pair tinned fish and beer… in the same can? Kids’ cereal flavors in protein drinks – does it work? Is chili crunch and ranch dressing the perfect duo? And, why are we losing it over a “Dragnum”? The hosts discussed how brands are attempting to grab our attention and generate sales via innovation, package design and unexpected collaborations.

In this Episode

0:35: Vibin’ At The WCB. It’s Award Season. Uber Ray Silent Mode. A Must For Office Holiday Parties? – The team reflected on BevNET’s fun and engaging meetup at our San Diego office and highlighted conversations with several entrepreneurs at the event, and also noted nomination deadlines for Best of 2023 BevNET and NOSH awards. Ray explained why he doesn’t love conversing with rideshare drivers (and was roasted for it) before revealing a magnum of a certain spicy spirit, John introduced a couple of unique beers and new plant-based beverages, and Mike and Jacqui riffed on Indian-inspired lemonades and a brand of noodles with a highly functional, if esoteric, ingredient.

Also Mentioned

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