Taste Radio Episode 229

Artingstall's Gin: Paul Feig


Paul Feig has a thing about martinis. 

The award-winning director and producer behind comedy blockbusters “Bridesmaids,” “The Heat” and “Spy,” is especially particular about what type of gin goes into the cocktail (note, he says, that there’s no such thing as a “vodka martini”). After spending years searching for the perfect gin to blend in his evening libation, Feig was motivated to launch his own brand, Artingstall’s, which was introduced earlier this year. Years in the making, Feig has been intimately involved with the project, from the development of the spirit itself, to the brand’s custom decanter and label. Now, as he noted in an interview in this episode, comes the hard part.

As part of an expansive conversation, Feig spoke about how he developed a passion for cocktail culture, how he balances running a gin brand with his current film and television work and his role in marketing and communication initiatives. He also discussed the similarities between pitching a movie to a studio and pitching Artingstall to retailers and distributors, and other parallels between filmmaking and entrepreneurship.

In this Episode

0:40: Interview: Paul Feig, Director, “Bridesmaids” & Creator, Artingstall’s Gin — Feig sat down with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif, who opened the interview with a chat about the director’s appearance on a popular game show from the 1980s, how cocktail culture influenced his adolescence and embrace of refined lifestyles and how his search for a perfect gin led to him to a partnership with Minhas Distillery. He also discussed how his personality is incorporated into Artingstall’s package and label, why he’s wary of tapping his celebrity relationships to promote the gin and why he compares the business of distilled spirits to movie making. Later, he contrasted his experience as a filmmaker to that of a spirit entrepreneur and spoke about his ultimate goal for Artingstall’s.

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