A Cult Hit Makes A Comeback, And Cultural Disruption Rules The Day


A bursting-at-the-seams episode of Taste Radio includes the hosts’ arguments for and against online grocery shopping, a brief report on a permanent pop-up, a candy brand’s unrecognizable revamp and why they’re bullish on banana flavor, but not blue colored beverages. The team also shared their take on seed-centric sweets, cascara’s communication breakdown and their enthusiasm for ethnic drinks and snacks.

0:39: “Game Of Chicken In Aisle 1.” It’s Called A Meetup, Ray. Just Add Raisins… And Boba. – BevNET’s director of community Melissa Traverse explained her love for a regional grocery chain before Ray and John extolled the virtues of online food shopping and encouraged local food and beverage professionals to meet up for an upcoming event at BevNET HQ. The hosts also discussed a retailer’s revealing admission, a brand new look for purpose-driven candy brand, a beloved soda flavor returning to the shelf, their collective bewilderment that “blue raspberry” is a thing, chocolate bark and “Seinfeld” references and Mike’s praise for a Vietnamese coffee entrepreneur and a modern Pakistani brand.

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