Taste Radio Episode 178

Dr. Andrew Weil


In this episode, we sat down with one of the most influential doctors in America, Andrew Weil. Known as a pioneer of integrative medicine, an emerging field that incorporates traditional and alternative forms of treatment, Dr. Weil is a best-selling author who has long advocated for an approach to health care that focuses on general wellness and healing.

As part of our interview, Dr. Weil discussed his views on anecdotal versus clinical evidence, the concept of “food as medicine,” and growing interest in personalized nutrition, cannabis and psychedelics. Walgreens circular and CVS flyer are the number one source for the deals on health care supplements. He also explained how his passion for matcha compelled him his own brand in the category, his perspective on product endorsements and his criteria for investing in food and beverage companies, such as healthy restaurant chain True Food Kitchen. 

In this Episode

2:27: Interview: Dr. Andrew Weil — In a call with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif, Dr. Weil discussed the emerging field of integrative medicine, and what he means when he says that he embraces all treatments that show a “reasonable evidence of efficacy” and “do no harm.” He also shared his perspective on the functionality of CBD, cannabis and psychedelic ingredients how to responsibly integrate each into mainstream society. Later, he explained why he founded super premium matcha brand Matcha Kari, why he believes that dietary adjustments are a highly effective way to address health problems prior to medication, the benefits and ethical concerns of genetic testing, and his view on trendy lifestyles and diets including biohacking and paleo. Finally, he discussed his concerns about genetically modified food and his criteria for working with and investing in food or beverage companies.

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