Taste Radio Insider Episode 5

Spindrift: Bill Creelman & Caroline Kibler


Taste Radio listeners may recall that we first featured Spindrift founder and CEO Bill Creelman on the podcast in 2016. At the time, Spindrift was undergoing a major shift in its business strategy, discontinuing the craft sodas upon which it was founded to focus on its fast-growing sparkling water line. In the years since, Spindrift has continued to thoughtfully evolve its positioning as a premium and differentiated sparkling water brand in various ways, such as curbing its use of added natural flavors. 

Despite a highly competitive environment for sparkling water, Spindrift has succeeded by  staying focused on its own development, according to Creelman, who once again joined us for an interview included in this episode.

“It really is not helpful, from my perspective, to dwell on any particular competitor,” he said. “We sit next to them in the space. They’re servicing their folks. We’re doing our thing. And that type of focus has served us well historically and continues to be our modus operandi.”

Listen to our full conversation with Creelman and Spindrift SVP of marketing Caroline Kibler, who discussed the continued development of the brand and its marketing strategy, including how actress Kristen Bell came into the fold as a brand ambassador. They also spoke about how the company is building upon its retail and food service relationships, and efforts to add incremental value through product innovation.

In this Episode

1:28: Subscriber NOW; NOSH News — If you haven’t already, please subscribe to Taste Radio Insider on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud or Stitcher. BevNET’s Ray Latif and Mike Schneider and NOSH’s Carol Ortenberg discussed recent funding announcements from notable food brands, including Kite Hill, Kettle & Fire and Once Upon a Farm. They also spoke about the upcoming NOSH Live Winter 2018 conference, including featured speakers, the Pitch Slam competition and Sampling Expo.
15:24: Interview: Bill Creelman, Founder/CEO and Caroline Kibler, SVP Marketing, Spindrift — Recorded at Spindrift HQ in Newton, Mass., Latif and Schneider spoke with Creelman and Kibler about Spindrift in the context of a rapidly growing flavored sparkling water category and how it is attempting to separate itself from upstart and legacy brands. They also discussed how the relationship with Kristen Bell came together, Spindrift’s long standing partnership with Panera and other fast-casual restaurants and why its product development cycle is longer than other beverage brands.

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