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Taste Radio Insider is a podcast focused on news, trends and innovation in the business of food and beverage. The show features interviews with the industry’s movers and shakers and includes discussion on emerging trends, innovation and news of the week from members of the BevNET and NOSH teams.

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Insider Episode 36 - :

The Sudden Plan to Revolutionize a $40 Billion Category

+ Josh Zloof, Sudden Coffee

This week’s episode features an interview with Josh Zloof, the co-founder and CEO of Sudden Coffee, an innovative brand of specialty instant coffee. Founded in 2015, Sudden is attempting to revolutionize the $40 billion market for instant coffee by emphasizing its proprietary production process and by focusing on “scalable hospitality.”

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 36: The Sudden Plan to Revolutionize a $40 Billion Category2019-07-30T19:38:38+00:00

Insider Episode 35 - :

What Happened To Kumbaya In Kombucha?

+ Susie York, Love Good Fats

In the latest installment of Taste Radio Insider, the hosts discussed the fallout from a controversial profile of GT’s Kombucha creator GT Dave in Forbes magazine. Later in the show, we feature an interview with Suzie Yorke, the founder/CEO of Love Good Fats, a fast-growing maker of keto-friendly snack bars and shakes that is attempting to become the “beacon brand” for healthy fats.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 35: What Happened To Kumbaya In Kombucha? And Is Fat Truly Back?2019-07-30T19:38:11+00:00

Insider Episode 34 - :

Why Small Businesses “Have An Obligation To Push The Envelope”

+ Darren Marshall, CEO & Ravi Kroesen, Head Teamaker, Smith Teamaker

In this episode, we sit down with Darren Marshall and Ravi Kroesen, the CEO and Head Teamaker, respectively, of specialty tea company Smith Teamaker for a discussion exploring how a small company can influence an entire industry.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 34: Why Small Businesses ‘Have An Obligation To Push The Envelope‘2019-07-30T19:37:39+00:00

Insider Episode 33 - :

Whether It’s Food or Apparel, Patagonia Starts With a Problem

+ Birgit Cameron, Patagonia Provisions

In this episode, Patagonia Provisions managing director Birgit Cameron spoke about the origins and development of the brand, a food and beverage offshoot of outdoor apparel giant Patagonia. She also discussed the opportunities and challenges of being aligned with its parent company and why its uncommon innovation strategy is critical to its overarching mission.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 33: Whether It’s Food or Apparel, Patagonia Starts With a Problem2019-07-30T19:37:14+00:00

Insider Episode 32 - :

The ‘First’ Name in Investment Opens Up Its Playbook

+ First Beverage Group

A trio of executives from investment and advisory firm First Beverage Group joined us for a discussion about its portfolio and investment philosophy and how they evaluate synergies with entrepreneurial brands. They also discussed which categories might be best suited to weather a potential downturn, and why CBD is not the only cannabis-based ingredient that’s caught their attention.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 32: The ‘First’ Name in Investment Opens Up Its Playbook2019-07-30T19:36:52+00:00

Insider Episode 31 - :

Who Really Owns Your Brand? Hint: It’s Not You.

+ Westward Whiskey: Christian Krogstad & Thomas Mooney

You might have put time, money, blood, sweat and tears into building your brand, but at the end of the day it doesn’t belong to you. That’s the perspective of Christian Krogstad and Thomas Mooney, the co-founders of Westward Whiskey, which helped establish the rapidly growing American single-malt whiskey category.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 31: Who Really Owns Your Brand? Hint: It’s Not You.2019-07-30T19:36:25+00:00

Insider Episode 30 - :

The Goal Is To Become a Billion-Dollar Brand

+ August Vega, MALK

August Vega, the founder and CEO of super-premium nut milk brand MALK, is a “go big or go home” kind of entrepreneur. In an interview included in this episode, she discussed the origins of the brand and why she envisioned MALK becoming a billion-dollar company from the outset. She also explained how MALK has maintained that focus and made strides toward her goal.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 30: The Goal Is To Become a Billion-Dollar Brand2019-07-30T19:36:03+00:00

Insider Episode 29 - :

Why This Two-Second Business Pitch Is So Powerful

+ Chris Hollod, Hollod Holdings

In this episode, Chris Hollod, a venture capitalist focused on early-stage consumer brands, discussed his investment philosophy and why digital strategy is at the top of his list when evaluating brands. He also explained why he believes that his job requires him to not only to follow and facilitate innovation, but to predict it.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 29: Why This Two-Second Business Pitch Is So Powerful2019-07-30T19:35:39+00:00

Insider Episode 28 - :

This Is What It Takes to Become a Category Leader

+ Katlin Smith, Simple Mills; David Eben, Carrington Farms

In this episode, we examine brand-building and retail strategies for center store grocery in interviews with the founders of two category-leading brands: Katlin Smith, the founder and CEO of fast-growing baking mix and snack brand Simple Mills, and David Eben, the founder of Carrington Farms, a brand of organic seeds, grains and oils.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 28: This Is What It Takes to Become a Category Leader2019-07-30T19:35:08+00:00

Insider Episode 27 - :

Is Bend The New Boulder?

How did a small, fast-growing city in Central Oregon become a haven for food and beverage entrepreneurship? We recently met with entrepreneurs and business leaders in the city of Bend to discuss its emergence as a West Coast business capital.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 27: Is Bend The New Boulder?2019-07-30T19:24:43+00:00